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This site was created to showcase the best laptops for travel to suit all budgets and purposes.

Not all laptops are designed equal. Just buying the smallest laptop you can find does not mean that it will automatically be the best one you have ever owned.

While some laptops excel in an office environment, others are happier on the road, seeing the world by your side and these are the machines we love.


So whether you are a budget traveler on the path to becoming a digital nomad or a high lying business executive, we have the right laptop or tablet for you.


Then there are the travel accessories. You need something to put your computer in and ways to stash your cables. Honestly, a travel tidy for my cables has been one of my favorite purchases ever. We have lots of options too.


Finally, what about the items you purchase? Can you trust us? Well, the great thing is we don’t carry any stock, we are an affiliate site. What that means it we find the products, test them out, and dish out our advice. If you click the link to buy, you will be taken to Amazon or one of our other trusted online retailers to make your purchase. If you do, we make a small commission (usually between 3 – 7%) and no cost to yourself. You can find out more on this on our about us page.


So instead of searching multiple sites for the same product, wading through ads and sponsored items, let us do the work for you.

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