About Travel Laptops

Whether you travel for business, fun or aspire to be a digital nomad, having the right laptop for traveling makes a massive difference. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of laptop options out there, and it is important to get the right one for you. That’s what we’re here for.

This site comes from a traveler

My name is Matt, and I started this website having been (and still try to be) a traveler myself. From writing my African Travel Diary on an iPad to creating my travel blog and then settling down in a real job that sees me travel across Spain, the UK and regular trips to the USA.

On Travel Laptops we showcase only the best laptops for traveling. That doesn’t mean just the most expensive, but ones that will be suited to you.

What makes a great travel laptop?

Well, first and most obvious size. Laptops range from 1lb and under up to 8lb depending on the power, screen and much more. The first laptop they gave me in my job was a beefy 6lbs, and I can promise you it wasn’t a joy to travel with. However, the battery would last for ages and boy was it quick.

Other things to consider include battery life, when on the road you may be away from charging facilities, storage space in the event you are taking lots of pictures and processing power that suits what you will be using your computer for. What I mean by this is if you only plan to do some writing and web surfing, then you won’t need too much when compared to a YouTube vlogger who will be creating videos on the road which takes a lot of processing power.

So how does the shop work?

OK, so we don’t actually hold any products, what that means is we are an affiliate shop.

By that, I mean that if you click on one of the buy buttons, you will be taken to Amazon or a different online retailer to make your purchase. If you do buy a product having found it on our site, we make a small commission from the sale at no extra cost to yourselves. This is usually between 3-7% but changes depending on the product or store.

You can read our full affiliate disclosure here.

So what that means is you get the best of both worlds. On Amazon (and other sites) there are loads of sponsored products or crap products that prevent you from finding exactly what you are looking for. Our goal is to be your filter, to curate loads of great laptops and accessories to inspire you and maybe some that you would have struggled to find elsewhere.

I also want to throw in here something about the word best. what is best for one is not necessarily best for another so we don’t simply list the most expensive products. We research all price levels and look for models that offer value and exceed their expectations vs. cost, whether $50 or $3000.

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