Finding the Best Laptop for Bloggers: 7 Essential Features

Whether you’re dreaming of becoming a digital nomad and dipping your toes into the blogosphere or a seasoned pro, you are probably aware that the most critical piece of equipment you can own is your laptop. As long as you have this, and a connection to the internet, you’re all set. But what makes the best laptop for bloggers?

As a blogger, you will spend most of your time writing articles, editing photos and possibly videos, and require an internet connection for endless keyword research. The chances are you will also be traveling a fair amount, so battery life will also be a consideration.

So with that in mind, here are some points to look out for when choosing your next laptop or Chromebook.

What to look for in the best laptop for blogging

1. Which Processor is best?

While blogging isn’t the most intensive activity your computer does, there is still a fair amount of power required to handle multitasking and flipping between various windows as you surf and write. An Intel Core processor provides excellent performance, and there are a few different kinds of Intel cores. To put it simply, the higher the number, the better (and more expensive) it becomes.

Core i3

Core i3 processors are found in entry-level systems. It comfortably copes up with web browsing and office work but will slow down significantly when photo editing or doing more processor-intensive tasks. If you are looking for a small laptop to create blogs on the go while having a main computer at home, then this would be OK. An i3 is the minimum level you would look for but can certainly make some great laptops for blogging at the cheaper end of the spectrum.

i3 is the minimum recommended processor size when searching for the best laptop for bloggers, bit i5 and above is recommended

Core i5

The majority of computers these days are made with a Core i5 processor. It has become pretty standard. Laptops with an i5 should be able to handle intensive tasks like editing images and editing small videos. Some of the best laptops for bloggers will have an i5 Core.

Core i7

Core i7 processors are super fast offers the best performance in laptops. If you are using 4k video, I would highly recommend spending that little bit extra to get a computer with an i7 Core processor. Of course, writing and photos will also be a breeze.

Core i9

Some larger laptops are starting to be engineered with core i9, which is more potent than core i7 processors. These a lot more expensive and probably overkill for blogging, but if you have the cash to splash and want a top-end machine that will last for many years to come, go for it.

Processor choice is a little trickier. Make sure what core do you need and then choose your laptop.

2. How much RAM do you need?

RAM (Read Only Memory) works hand in hand with the processor and also has a significant effect on the speed of your system, especially when it comes to multitasking. Basically, with more RAM, more data can get to the processor faster. I would recommend at a minimum aiming for 8gb of RAM. If you are looking for a laptop just for writing and not much else, 4gb would be enough, but you may notice slow down quite quickly, and it could become frustrating.

3. What type of Hard drive?

When it comes to a hard drive, I would certainly recommend looking for a computer with an SSD (solid-state drive) hard drive over a traditional disk style hard drive. The benefit if no moving parts, less to go wrong and it is much quicker. It also means the computer stays cooler, great if you are working in hot temperatures.

However, generally, there is less storage space available. So if you have loads of 4k video projects, photos or even movies downloaded for watching on the road, it will be more expensive to get an SSD big enough to save everything and a larget HHD may be the way to go.

However, a great alternative option is to travel with a portable hard drive meaning you can also keep your files separate in case anything should happen to your computer. You can move across the batch of files you want to work on and move them back again when you have finished.

Portability is a key consideration when looking for the best laptop for bloggers

4. Consider the size and portability

Size is definitely a consideration for many bloggers, especially travel bloggers. One of the dreams that bloggers long for is that image of being able to work from anywhere. The ability to pop along to your favorite coffee shop and crack out a couple of blogs. If this is you, then size and portability must be a consideration.

Laptop sizes start from 11.6 inches to 17.3 inches (micro laptops are even smaller). The most common sizes are 13.1 inches and 15.6 inches. Both are great for blogging, and Most of the famous brands offer displays of this size.

If portability is your first priority, then you’ll have to go with a smaller-sized laptop weighing between 1 to 5 lbs (and get a good-looking bag of course). If you plan on leaving the house less than look to a 15.6 inch or even a 17.3 if it is going to be your main computer.  

5. Do you need a touch screen?

You’ll have to focus on the screen when you’re at work. So make sure your screen is comfortable for you to look at and use it. 2 in 1 laptops that utilize touch screens are more popular nowadays. It can complete your task faster and easier than others, especially when in a cramped airplane seat.

However, one downside of a touch screen is that it adds glossiness to the display. It can lead to reflections while you’re, editing images or watching videos, so if you plan to work outside a lot, when searching for the best computer for blogging, it would be worth bearing this in mind.

Also, check out the resolution. If you will be spending a lot of time tweaking and editing photos then definitely look for Full HD (1920×1080-pixel resolution).

6. Get a laptop with decent battery life

This is important to those that will be using their laptops a lot on the go. Whether in a cafe or on public transport, you will no always find a convenient powerpoint. 

While you can see battery capacity, this isn’t always a good mark as depending on the rest of the specs (screen size, processor, etc.) and settings, battery usages differ significantly. I would recommend checking the user reviews for comments about the battery to get the best, honest feedback. The best laptop for bloggers is one that will work unplugged for a minimum of 3 hours.

7. Ensure the keyboard & touchpad work well

Goes without saying that if you are going to be doing a lot of writing you want a keyboard that is easy and comfortable to use.

While there isn’t anything I can recommend for this, everyone has their own preferences, do check the product reviews on Amazon to see if anyone flags up the keyboard as being a pain.

That is the same advice with the touchpad too. When you are out and about you are less likely to have the luxury of a mouse so will be relying on that touchpad. On my current laptop, my touchpad sucks. I really wish I knew this bit of information before purchasing as I find it infuriating the number of times I end up highlighting text or left-clicking instead of right. Really, such a small thing, but gets me mad. Have I made my point?

Final Words on the best laptop for bloggers

Be sure to consider all of these major points while picking an ideal laptop for blogging. 

Remember that while your laptop is your weapon of choice, you may want to consider some other costs that will add up before blowing your whole budget in one go. Some of these costs include the blogging tools that you need to succeed, many of them are not free, cloud storage packages, and even gadget insurance if you plan to be on the road a lot. 

I hope you’ve found this post useful and have a bit of a clearer idea about how to find your perfect laptop. Be sure to come back and let us know what model you decided on and how you are getting on with it. Finally, good luck with your blogging empire!

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