5 Tips on How to Keep a Laptop Safe in a Hotel Room

While we all know about the physical dangers a laptop is exposed to while traveling with a laptop, it is also important to know how to keep a laptop safe in a hotel room.

Whether you use your laptop for business or pleasure, you don’t want it to get stolen during your trip and no matter what purpose it serves, there is likely tons of sensitive information on it. 

Most people use their laptops for everything these days, saved passwords, financial information, and personal information. It’s all there and easily accessible on your laptop.

What if you went back to your hotel room to find your room gone through and your laptop missing?

It wouldn’t only ruin your trip, but you would feel violated and frustrated. Not to mention the cost of replacing not only the laptop but all of your valuable files, documents, and programs on it.

It’s not possible to keep all your valuables, like your laptop, with you at all times when traveling, so being able to keep it safe in your hotel room is essential and important for most travelers.

Working on a laptop in hotels, it's important to know Keep a Laptop Safe in a Hotel Room

Top 5 Tips on how to keep a laptop safe in a hotel room

1. Don’t use the hotel room safe

Sure, it’s common sense to use your hotel room safe if your room has been equipped with one. However, are they safe? The short answer is no. The vast majority of these safes aren’t bolted down or secured so that anyone can walk off with one, along with your valuables inside it.

All hotel staff will also have a master code for all the safes in the hotel.

A hotel room safe is more of a theft deterrent, but it isn’t the safest option.

2. Choose a Room That Isn’t on the Ground Floor

Slightly obvious, but if you plan on traveling with valuables that will need to be left in your room occasionally, you should make sure to opt-out of a ground floor hotel room. These rooms are the easiest targets for thefts, and any visible valuables are easy targets.

As a bonus, a room on a higher level usually means a better view! 

Getting a room on a high floor is a great way to add extra protection to your valuable when staying in hotels

3. Buy a Cable Lock

Buy and use a cable lock to secure your laptop when you aren’t in your hotel room. They can be cut if someone has the necessary tools, but they are an excellent deterrent to keep your laptop safe.

Most criminals aren’t going to want to spend the time, or tools with them needed to cut a cable lock. They will most likely move on to easier targets. Cable locks are available on Amazon or through many travel accessory websites.

4. Use the ‘Do Not Disturb’ Sign

Use the do not disturb sign on your door if you need to leave your laptop in your room unattended. You might miss out on housekeeping for that day, but it’s better to have fewer people coming in and out of your room.

The more people that have access to your room, the more likely it is that something valuable will go missing. You can always have housekeeping come in the next day if needed when you are in the room working on your laptop.

Simple but an easy bit of advice on how to keep laptop safe in hotel room

5. Install Location Software on Your Laptop

If your laptop is stolen or goes missing, having the software installed that can track your laptop’s location can help you in getting it back. These types of services require you to sign up in advance so if you do much traveling with your laptop, make sure to sign up before your next trip.

If your laptop does disappear and the software can locate it, go to the local authorities for help. You don’t want to try to recover the laptop yourself if you believe it has been stolen. Depending on your location or country you are traveling in, that could put you into a horrible situation that could escalate quickly.

Final Thoughts

Traveling to different cities, states, and countries is a fantastic experience. Whether your trip is for work or leisure, keeping your laptop safe is important. There are many tips and tricks you can use to keep it safe in your hotel room. Nothing is a guarantee, of course, and anything can happen, but implementing these tips will decrease the possibility of your laptop going missing from your hotel room.

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