MacBook Pro 2020 Rumours and leaks

If there was a need for proof of the esteem and class of the MacBook Pros in the tech market, then look no further than how quickly the MacBook Pro 16-inch was thrust to the top of most ‘best laptop’ lists, as it earned rave reviews for its graphic design capabilities and a marvelous keyboard after its release in November of 2019. 

As a laptop for travelers who create content on the go, there is no doubt the Macbook Pro has consistently been one of the best options. The 2020 version we expect to be no different.

The 2020 model of the MacBook Pro especially commands healthy interest because of the MacBook’s history with keyboards. The butterfly design that was adopted in 2016 has been a horror scene waiting to happen with its unreliable and compressed layouts choking the fingers of the users. This changed in 2019 with the Apple MacBook Pro (16-inch), which used the new and definitely improved ‘Magic keyboard’ to add comfort to user experience alongside innovative touches like the MacOS Catalina, the magnificent sound and superb battery life – which ran for 11 hours on the 16” predecessor. 

So, it’s important that we document everything that has been reported, and should be expected, from the smaller MacBook pro: its release date as a substitute, pricing and the specifications we’ll likely see.

Let’s talk Specs

Even as we approach Applegeddon, the probable end of Apple Inc., you never know what to expect from the Apple factory as far as internal engineering goes. The rumor mills have been awash with rumors of a 10th Generation Intel processor (Ice Lake), even though the 16” model of late 2019 continued using the old-fashioned 9th generation core as its predecessors. Although, this is a new decade, so an upgrade offering an overdue boost in performance coming now will come as no surprise, it will perhaps be more surprising if the MacBook Pro 2020 persisted on the old intel core.

Also, even with the issues regarding compatibility that has been raised with ARM-based Windows machines, which makes it less likely for a debut of ARM-based tech on the Pros compared to MacBook Airs, the news about the testing the concept on this MacBook Pro is not going down.

A more solid expectation is that Apple might opt for AMD this around, to take advantage of the more efficient AMD 4000-Series chips, with more signals of AMD APU support popping up everywhere on the recent MacOs Catalina coding.

Butterfly, fly away!

We all make mistakes, but the important thing is that we accept responsibility for our actions and look to make changes immediately. That is what the MacBook should be doing – making changes to that ridiculous Butterfly keyboard experiment. 

For something that has caused so much trouble, not only to the users (especially director Taika Waititi, who made a special mention of it at the Oscars), but even the company – in 2018, Apple Inc. initiated a repair program to deal with the numerous issues from the key mechanisms, and they officially apologized a year later for the trauma the keyboard has put everybody through – a change should have come earlier.

Nevertheless, it’s so much better late than never, and the delicious scissor-style Magic Keyboard that was used on the 16-inch MacBook Pro has served to heighten the expectations of a repeat on the MacBook Pro 2020. Hopefully, there will be no reliving of the sticky keys that never come unstuck in the typing experience of this new product and the MacBook Pro line to come.

Iconic design is Iconic

Just like the Apple logo on the back of iPhones separates them from other smartphones, the iconic aluminum unibody appearance of the MacBook pro is here to stay, and will certainly not need any major tweaking before 2022 at least.

The battleground for the small MacBook pro would be inside. Starting from the screen, where it is whispered that mini-LEDs will be implemented to regulate black levels and improve brightness levels and contrast ratios. Above all, it might allow more discount on the bezels to offer more viewing real estate, as is the case with latest 16” masterpiece. the 14.1” display was not projected to be given so much larger display until the 4th quarter of this year was past, so this development will be a welcome surprise.

Release date as its substitute 

The birds are tweeting that March 31st will be the d-day for the release. It is hard to wrap the mind around since Apple Events of the past for MacBook Pros have always given hotspots in the fall and summer, although we were certainly surprised when the 16” model was dropped with a simple press conference, especially since it turned out so good. It could very well prove to be the new way Apple drop their tech bombs, If not, the event in March is the best bet.

Price drop? Never!

A new and improved keyboard, a new generation of processor or a new chip altogether, those reasons are more than enough to tempt Apple to increase their asking prices for the 2020 MacBook Pro, and they’ll fall for those temptations all day long.

If you want the reduced bezels and consequent larger display, saving to the tune of at least the $1,299 that the base model of the current MacBook Pro cost. While that one was a bit too costly for a laptop with just 128Gb of Storage and 8Gb of Random Access Memory, there’s still enough in this one to demand at least as much as the current one. We saw the same with the 16” MacBook, keeping the same base price as the previous year’s $2,399 for 512GB SSD storage space and a cool AMD RADEON touch, even with its bigger display.

What the future should hold for MacBook Pro 2020


What we wish for the most is that the butterfly keyboard concept be scrapped and replaced with the Magic Keyboard like the one used on the 16” model. There’s absolutely no fun to be had in the Keyboard-repair and exchange programs, so long may the scissor-style continue. 


Please keep the MacBook Pro in the same chassis, don’t give us any ‘tweaks’, and if you do, make sure it’s good.


Much has been said about reducing the bezels for a larger display on the expected 14.1” of the MacBook Pro, but there really should be an emphasis on the quality of screen resolution. We get that 4K screens drain batteries, but just the option of a 4K screen won’t, and since creative professionals use it the most, why not? Also, let all the inches of display be placed without reducing the overall footprint, maybe putting it in a smaller body, but that extra area would change everything for professional creatives. Others that want portability can deport to the MacBook Air section, please.

Hold the Meter

We understand that Apple has done well by resisting price creep in previous years with its higher-grade laptops, we also understand that it demands users to pay a premium that Windows-based laptop brands don’t. we are willing to establish a compromise, just keep the price as-is with the MacBook Pro 2020, doesn’t look like too much.

Facial Recognition going Pro

Users have had two years to adjust to the FaceID technology with the iPhone, and we all feel it’s about time that the Apple laptops had a fitting with the facial recognition software. The Touch ID has been a welcome addition, and separating it from the Touch Area as in the 16” model was a touch of genius. Integrating facial recognition should be the next logical step.

Wi-Fi 6

The past year had overseen the true welcome of Wi-Fi 6 to popular culture, and numerous options now exist in today’s market to support the new wireless standard. It would be nice to know that the MacBook Pro is not the last MacBook Pro without Wi-Fi 6 support, considering its price.

We’ll let you know about each new twist in the tale of the leaks, rumors and reviews of the 2020 MacBook Pro.

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