What is a Mini Laptop? Buying tips with Pros & Cons

A new generation of laptops is on the rise. Also known as ultra-portable laptops or mini netbooks, as the world shrinks and people are on the move more than ever, size sells. So what is a mini laptop and should you consider buying one?

A mini laptop is a light-weight, laptop designed for portability. To be considered a mini-laptop it must be small enough to sit on your lap. It is ultimately light and weighs from 0.8 to 2 kg with a screen size of around 10 inches.

Generally, these laptops are best suited for wireless communications and internet access on the fly. They also work well as computers for writing, but due to the limited build space, may struggle with more intense work. So let’s take a closer look.

Features of Mini Laptop

The mini-laptop is made with more advanced features to provide greater experience while using. Here are a few things to bear in mind while looking at which computer you should buy.

Software performance

Generally, mini laptops come packaged with common operating systems such as Windows which offers an interface all users will be comfortable with and easy control of your files. These mini laptops are compatible with any programs or apps.


Storage capacity is the crucial feature to consider when buying a good laptop and if you are on the go a lot, try to favor an SSD harddrive over a traditional HDD. Mini laptops are quite spacious and provide 256GB or 512GB of storage capacity. It depends on different brands of laptop.


Mini laptop is quite handy and offers great experience while using it. They are usually pretty economical when it comes to battery usage and you can comfortably expect your battery to last for 10hrs or more per charge.


The touchpad in a mini laptop tends to be much better than normal laptops. It is very smooth and helps you to finish your work quickly. Some mini-laptops come with backlit keyboard in case of convertibles. Be sure the keys work well and are very comfortable for you to use.


Usually, mini laptops come with fewer ports than a standard laptop, be sure that there will be sufficient for your usage. Look for it to include at least one USB-C, an SD card slot, and USB 3.0 ports. If you will be connecting to projectors then an HDMI port is also welcome. Others you may want to consider are an ethernet connection and 3.5mm audio jack. These ports allow you to easily connect webcams or additional hard drives, a feature that does not come with tablets and iPads.

What is a mini laptop and what are they good for?

What are mini laptops good for?

Mini laptops hold several advantages than traditional laptops.


  • The first great thing is portability. These are lightweight and weigh around 2 kgs. It is an ideal choice for business travel.
  • Mini laptops are flexible, super fast and durable. It can perform many tasks much faster than a full-size laptop does. But it is not the right option for heavy computing task.
  • A mini laptop seems to be an excellent productivity tool for business applications (Techno geeks).


However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, there are a few Disadvantages of using Mini Laptops

  • The first one is less storage capacity. So you can’t store larger gaming files or documents in it.
  • Processing power tends to be less than the larger machines. If you do a lot of photo or video editing, this may not be the right choice for you.
  • The next thing is the screen sizing. Mini laptops have smaller screen size which is not big enough for gaming or watching movie. It is the best solution for students in taking notes, word processing, web browsing, etc.

What is the best mini laptop to buy?

If you would like to see some of the great mini laptops that are available, be sure to check out our store page and our article about the 10 best mini laptops currently available.

Final thoughts on mini laptops

Mini laptops are ideal for being ultra-portable so you can carry it anywhere with ease. Perfect for those that travel a lot. However, while they excel at simple tasks, more complex activities will stress the processor.

If you’re looking for a compact, lightweight, pocket-friendly laptop for your travel or work, then a mini laptop is an excellent choice for you. Hope you would have got a clear idea on mini laptops. Stay free and enjoy the benefits of mini laptops.

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